MaTu Verpackungen GmbH – wooden cases, drums, pallets

MaTu Verpackungen GmbH – wooden cases, drums, pallets

Certificate of Wood Technology Institute

MaTu Verpackungen GmbH - Solid construction, on-time delivery

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MaTu Verpackungen GmbH
ECW - Gewerbegebiet
Friedrich-Engelhorn-Str. 7
04838 Eilenburg

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Our products

Wooden drums

Wooden drums.

In our offer there are wooden cases, drums, pallets and rafter framing. all products


MaTu Verpackungen GmbH was founded in 1995 in Eilenburg, Germany.

We produce wooden industrial goods as well as any kind of wooden packages. To meet our customers' needs, if necessary, we use heat treated wood, kiln-dried (IPPC since 01.01.2004) or air-dried for our products.

Modern machinery allows us to meet any quality demands our customers have. more